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Web Support Help Desk
We've worked hard to make the website easy to navigate and reliable to use.  However we realize that sometimes technology is unpredictible and occasionally users need a little extra help.  As your partner, we at Infinitec are committed to providing you that help and personal support.  We are pleased to make a web-support available to you as part of your membership in the Infinitec AT coalition.  If you need a little extra help using the site or something isn't working as expected, please contact us through our help desk so we can personally assist you.   We are available by email or by phone at our toll free number.

         Email:  Click here to launch and email to

         Phone:  Call us toll free at 800-361-0270




Website Technical Bulletins
From time to time we encounter technical problems that have the potential to impact many website users.  In those rare instances we try to be proactive in alerting users to the potential problem.  When one of those situations occurs; after researching the problem and determining the impact and identifying possible solutions, we will create and publish a technical bulletin.  We will also place a prominent notice on the homepage, explaining the problem and providing a link to the technical bulletin.  

Below you will find the archive of active technical bulletins.  You can click on any of these bulletins to download it to your computer.


8/7/2013     TB2018-01 - Puffin Web Browser no Longer Compatible witih the Infinitec Website

8/7/2013     TB2014-01 - Chrome users not hearing audio in some online classroom presentations

11/7/2013   TB2014-02 - Internet Explorer users only able to play "Welcome" video in the online classroom