Weekly Newsletters

These weekly newsletters are emailed to coalition liaisons and others who wish to receive them.  Contact Mary (mbettlach@ucpnet.org) if you wish to be on the mailing list for Minnesota or Shannon (scici@ucpnet.org) if you are in Illinois, Kansas or Pennsylvania and wish to receive the newsletter.


2017-18 Newsletters


5/8/18 Organization: Lasso Your Schedule and Tasks; Organizing Ourselves in a Google World: Using Google Task Lists

5/1/18 Resources for Working with English Learners

4/24/18 Social Skills and Social Story Resources

4/17/18 Adaptations for Students with Learning Disabilities

4/10/18 Evidence Based Practices for ASD

4/3/18 CLEAR Model Series

3/27/18 Supporting the Education of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

3/20/18 Hidden Curriculum, Parts 3 & 4

3/13/18 MASA Presents: Property Taxes from Levy Certification to Individual Tax Statement

3/6/18 MASA Presents: Personalized Learning

2/27/18 Presuming and Constructing Compentence

2/20/18 Dyslexia series (1) Overview (2) Writing Systems (3) Evaluation (4) Interventions

2/13/18 Concussion in Children and Youth; Intervention Strategies to Engage Students and Parents Struggling with School Anxiety and School Refusal

2/7/18 School Anxiety and School Refusal

1/30/18 Partner-Augmented Input

1/23/18 AT for Dyslexia series, Part 1: Nuts and Bolts; Part 2: Chrome Tools

1/16/18 Hidden Curriculum Series - (1) The Brain and ASD and Its Impact on Instruction, Academics and Challenging Behavior (2) One of the Secrets of Life Success ofr individuals with ASD

1/9/18 Sign Language Modules - Part 1: Introduction, Alphabet and Numbers; Part 2: Money and Math; Part 3: Transportation; Part 4: Friends and Feelings; Part 5: Sports and School; Part 6 Animals

1/2/18 Video: Top 10 Things You Can Do This School Year to Improve Your IEPs

12/19/17 Organizational Supports: Bubbl.us, Circle Plot Diagram, Compare and Contrast Map, Cube Creator, Education Oasis, Genre-Focused Planning Strategies, Persuasion Map

12/12/17 Group Buys

12/5/17 Executive Function and the Brain: Promoting Joyful Learning, Tools for Success, and Organization and Time Management for Student Success

11/28/17 Google Tutorials for Data Collection: Searching & Previewing Google Templates; Editing Google Templates for Data Collection; Using Google Forms on Mobile Devices

11/14/17 Early Literacy: Books with Repeated Lines; Literactive; Literacy Center - Early Childhood Reading

11/7/17 Mental Health Video Resources: Wellbeing in School: Coping, Calming and Mindfulness; Mental Health

10/31/17 Handwriting Resources: Handwriting for Kids; Handwriting Worksheet Maker; Printable Paper; Printable Tools, Tracer Pages 

10/24/17 Cortical Visual Impairment Resources: CVI Training Materials, Little Bear Sees, Strategy to See

10/17/17 Social Sciences Resources: Fact Monster, Flocabulary, Google Lit Trips

10/10/17 Assistive Technology Decision Making 6 part series

10/3/17 Autism Resources: Developing A Comprehensive Implementation Plan for Students with Autism; Autism Classroom Resouces website

9/26/17 Did You Use Your Resource? Technology Independence for Students and Teachers; What Does UDL Look Like in the Classroom?

9/19/17 Video series: ADA in the School Environment

9/12/17 Video: Understanding Diversity in Our Schools

9/5/17 Resources: Amazon Echo As An Accessibility Support and Search Google Using Your Voice


2016-17 Newsletters

5/16/17 Autism 1-2-3: (1) Setting the Scene and Locating the Supports for Students with Autism, (2) Self-Regulation, Reinforcement Systems and More, (3) Social Supports for Students with Autism

5/9/17 Reading: Mercury Reader; Online Summarize Tool; Spell With Flickr; Barefoot Book Podcasts; Night Light Stories; Storynory Podcasts

5/2/17 Browser Books; Read Print; Mighty Book; Unite for Literacy

4/25/17 All Things Chrome Series Continued: Chrome Supports for STEAM (4), Chorme Supports for Executive Function (5); Let's Talk Chrome (6)

4/18/17 The Brain and ASD and Its Impact on Instruction, Academics and Challenging Behavior; Promoting Independence Through the Use of Visual Supports; The "Best" Web-based Resources for Professionals Working with Students with ASD

4/11/17 EL: ThatQuiz, Stickyball.net

4/4/17 Reading: FrontRow, Read Theory

3/28/17 What You Can Do When There Is a Bomb Threat, MASA Presents: School Crisis Communication

3/21/17 All Things Chrome Series: Google Apps for Education (Gafe), Using Google and Chrome Supports as AT, Chrome Apps and Extensions

3/14/17 Teens, Sleep and Later High School Start Times

3/7/17 Be More with Core Series: Be More with Core, Tips for Rolling Out a Core Vocabulary Initiative, Tips on Implementing Core Vocabulary Words and Visuals

2/28/17 Podcasts: ListenWise, and Classic for Kids

2/21/17 Paras and Parents Focus: Power to the Parent, Power to the Para, Teaming for Success: Strategies for Teacher-Paraeducator Collaboration

2/14/17 Secondary Math Series: 1) Overview of Recommendations of NCTM & Fostering Reasoning & Sense-Making for All, 2) Providing Access to Learning Math by Minimizing Areas of Deficit, 3) Multiple Methods of Supporting Access Based on Student Strengths, 4) Case Study-UDL in Secondary Math

2/7/17 Switch Assessment and Training: Switch Assessment for Clients with Increased Muscle Tone, Switch Assessment for People Who are Not Engaged, Switch Training: Basic Skills, Switch Training: Scanning Skills, Switch Training: Power Wheelchair Switch Skills

1/31/17 TASN Behavior Modules: 1) Intro to Managing Behavior, 2) Signs of Escalation, 3) Escalation: Early Intervention, 4) Escalation Reaction, 5) Crisis Management, 6) Dealing with Student Non-Compliance, 7) Dealing with Student Disruption, 8) Dealing with Student Disrespect, 9) Dealing with Provocative Behavior, 10) Dealing with Aggressive and Fighting Behavior

1/24/17 Executive Function and the Brain Series: Promoting Joyful Learning, Tools for Success, Organization and Time Management for Student Success

1/17/17 Writing Series: Assessing Writing Needs for Students with Disabilities in Today's Classrooms, Writing Tools and Implementation Strategies, 2 parts

 1/10/17 Google: Creating eBooks Using Google Slides and Organizing Ourselves in a Google World series: Using Google Task Lists, Google Calendar Tips and Tricks and Using Google Drive

1/3/17 Amazon Echo as an Accessibility Support and Apple Watch for Access & Inclusion

12/20/16 Early Childhood: DEC Recommended Practices, Early Childhood Transition Guidebook, Step Ahead at Age 3, and When I'm 3, Where Will I Be?

12/16/16 Project Core

11/29/16 AAC: Core Vocabulary; 100 Frequently Used Core Words, DLM First 40, How to Choose Core Vocabulary

11/15/16 Teens, Sleep and Later High School Start Times

11/8/16 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources: Activities for Listening and Learning, Listening Training Resources, SoundScape Interactive Listening Activities, The Listening Room

11/1/16 English Learners: Fun English Games and Vocabulary.co.il

10/25/16 Raising Strong Readers and Adapted Literature & Lessons

10/18/16 Suicide Prevention Among Teens and Suicide Prevention: School-wide Crisis Response (Administrators)

10/11/16 Virtual Fieldtrips for Social Science: 360 Cities, Go North!, Great Wall of China, Mount Everest, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 

10/4/16 Keyboarding: Dance Mat Typing, Single Handed Typing, Text Type 2, & Type Masta

9/27/16 Organizing Ourselves in a Google World: Calendar Tips and Tricks, Using Google Drive

9/20/16 New functionality to Online Classroom & video presentation, Access to Curriculum

9/13/16 How to Use Infinitec Intro