Weekly Newsletters

These weekly newsletters are emailed to coalition liaisons and others who wish to receive them.  Contact Mary (mbettlach@ucpnet.org) if you wish to be on the mailing list for Minnesota or Shannon (scici@ucpnet.org) if you are in Illinois, Kansas or Pennsylvania and wish to receive the newsletter.


2018-19 Newsletters

#32 Early Childhood Classroom Supports

#31 Teaching Switch Progression (3 part series)

#30 Tweaking the Four Block Model for Children with Autism and Severe Disabilities (4 part series)

#29 Positive Strategies for Supporting Self-regulation: Addressing Anxiety, ADHD and Emotional Processing for Students with ASD

#28 Functional Behavior Assessment: Plans That Work (6 part series)

#27 Language Series for Early Childhood

#26 Putting the Pro into Paraprofessionals

#25 Please Teach Me to Communicate: Expressive Communication Strategies for Students with ASD

#24 Using Google Slides to Create Visual Supports

#23 Full STEAM Ahead! STEAM Curriculum for Students with Significant Disabilities

#22 Seating and Positioning 3 Part Series

#21 Let's Talk ABout Designing Instruction for Contemporary Classrooms

#20 Student Led IEPs

#19 Executive Function App Wheel and All Things Chrome: Chrome Supports for Executive Function

#18 Student Attendance and Engagement

#17 Student Discipline Alternatives

#16 Implementing the Five Nonnegotiables in the Early Childhood Classroom

#15 Meeting All the Needs of Students with ASD: Comprehensive Planning That Leads to Optimal Outcomes

#14 UDL Series (4 Parts)

#13 Transition Resources: Get to Work! Handheld Technology Supports Employment for Individuals with Autism; I'm Determined website

#12 Mindfulness Resources: Wellbeing in School: Coping, Calming and Mindfulness; Mindfulness: A Strategy for Building Success and Wellness in the 21st Century Workplace

#11 Mental Health

#10 Transition Resources: Systematic Instruction: Coaching for Success; Transition to Adulthood

#9 Transition Resources: Transition Tech Tools to Empower Your Students/Adults; Transition Services - There's an App for That

#8 Adobe Announcement Regarding the End of FLASH

#7 New Trainings: Cultural Competency; Internet Safety

#6 Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Strategies for Creating Accessible Lessons

#5 Adapting on the Fly: Making Complex Academic Learning Accessible for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

#4 Winning with Social Media; Billy Footwear

#3 Moving Along the SAMR Ladder with the 4 Cs

#2 Suicide Prevention: QPR- Question, Persuade, Refer

#1 Invite to participate in Writing PLC