Weekly Newsletters

These weekly newsletters are emailed to coalition liaisons and others who wish to receive them.  Contact Mary (mbettlach@ucpnet.org) if you wish to be on the mailing list for Minnesota or Shannon (scici@ucpnet.org) if you are in Illinois, Kansas or Pennsylvania and wish to receive the newsletter.

2016-17 Newsletters

5/16/17 Autism 1-2-3: (1) Setting the Scene and Locating the Supports for Students with Autism, (2) Self-Regulation, Reinforcement Systems and More, (3) Social Supports for Students with Autism

5/9/17 Reading: Mercury Reader; Online Summarize Tool; Spell With Flickr; Barefoot Book Podcasts; Night Light Stories; Storynory Podcasts

5/2/17 Browser Books; Read Print; Mighty Book; Unite for Literacy

4/25/17 All Things Chrome Series Continued: Chrome Supports for STEAM (4), Chorme Supports for Executive Function (5); Let's Talk Chrome (6)

4/18/17 The Brain and ASD and Its Impact on Instruction, Academics and Challenging Behavior; Promoting Independence Through the Use of Visual Supports; The "Best" Web-based Resources for Professionals Working with Students with ASD

4/11/17 EL: ThatQuiz, Stickyball.net

4/4/17 Reading: FrontRow, Read Theory

3/28/17 What You Can Do When There Is a Bomb Threat, MASA Presents: School Crisis Communication

3/21/17 All Things Chrome Series: Google Apps for Education (Gafe), Using Google and Chrome Supports as AT, Chrome Apps and Extensions

3/14/17 Teens, Sleep and Later High School Start Times

3/7/17 Be More with Core Series: Be More with Core, Tips for Rolling Out a Core Vocabulary Initiative, Tips on Implementing Core Vocabulary Words and Visuals

2/28/17 Podcasts: ListenWise, and Classic for Kids

2/21/17 Paras and Parents Focus: Power to the Parent, Power to the Para, Teaming for Success: Strategies for Teacher-Paraeducator Collaboration

2/14/17 Secondary Math Series: 1) Overview of Recommendations of NCTM & Fostering Reasoning & Sense-Making for All, 2) Providing Access to Learning Math by Minimizing Areas of Deficit, 3) Multiple Methods of Supporting Access Based on Student Strengths, 4) Case Study-UDL in Secondary Math

2/7/17 Switch Assessment and Training: Switch Assessment for Clients with Increased Muscle Tone, Switch Assessment for People Who are Not Engaged, Switch Training: Basic Skills, Switch Training: Scanning Skills, Switch Training: Power Wheelchair Switch Skills

1/31/17 TASN Behavior Modules: 1) Intro to Managing Behavior, 2) Signs of Escalation, 3) Escalation: Early Intervention, 4) Escalation Reaction, 5) Crisis Management, 6) Dealing with Student Non-Compliance, 7) Dealing with Student Disruption, 8) Dealing with Student Disrespect, 9) Dealing with Provocative Behavior, 10) Dealing with Aggressive and Fighting Behavior

1/24/17 Executive Function and the Brain Series: Promoting Joyful Learning, Tools for Success, Organization and Time Management for Student Success

1/17/17 Writing Series: Assessing Writing Needs for Students with Disabilities in Today's Classrooms, Writing Tools and Implementation Strategies, 2 parts

 1/10/17 Google: Creating eBooks Using Google Slides and Organizing Ourselves in a Google World series: Using Google Task Lists, Google Calendar Tips and Tricks and Using Google Drive

1/3/17 Amazon Echo as an Accessibility Support and Apple Watch for Access & Inclusion

12/20/16 Early Childhood: DEC Recommended Practices, Early Childhood Transition Guidebook, Step Ahead at Age 3, and When I'm 3, Where Will I Be?

12/16/16 Project Core

11/29/16 AAC: Core Vocabulary; 100 Frequently Used Core Words, DLM First 40, How to Choose Core Vocabulary

11/15/16 Teens, Sleep and Later High School Start Times

11/8/16 Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources: Activities for Listening and Learning, Listening Training Resources, SoundScape Interactive Listening Activities, The Listening Room

11/1/16 English Learners: Fun English Games and Vocabulary.co.il

10/25/16 Raising Strong Readers and Adapted Literature & Lessons

10/18/16 Suicide Prevention Among Teens and Suicide Prevention: School-wide Crisis Response (Administrators)

10/11/16 Virtual Fieldtrips for Social Science: 360 Cities, Go North!, Great Wall of China, Mount Everest, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 

10/4/16 Keyboarding: Dance Mat Typing, Single Handed Typing, Text Type 2, & Type Masta

9/27/16 Organizing Ourselves in a Google World: Calendar Tips and Tricks, Using Google Drive

9/20/16 New functionality to Online Classroom & video presentation, Access to Curriculum

9/13/16 How to Use Infinitec Intro



2015-16 Newsletters


Mary 17, 2016 How to Use Infinitec

May 10, 2016 Private Content

May 3, 2016 Spectronics Activity Exchange and Visual Aids for Learning

April 26, 2016 Formative Assessment Meets Technology and Group Buys

April 19, 2016 Self-Regulation: Developing Young Children's Self-Regulation and Emotions Color Wheel

April 12, 2016 Determinging the Best Switch Type and Location for Clients with Increased Muscle Tone and Determining the Best Switch Type and Location for Clients Who are Not Engaged

April 5, 2016 Writing Resources: Read Write Think, Scholastic Story Starters and Sentence Builder Freeware

March 29, 2016 Useful Adaptations: Turning Can't Do into Can Do

March 22, 2016 Accommodations: Accommodations for Students with LD and Choosing and Using Accommodations: IEP Team Considerations

March 15, 2016 Overview of InfiniTEXT

March 8, 2016 Math Resources: Coupon Math, Study Jams, Yummy Math

March 1, 2016 Mobile Devices in the Inclusive Classroom. Video 1: Hardware, Access & Accessibility. Video 2: Apps, Software & the Cloud. Video 3 Implementation

February 23, 2016 Transition Resources: Apps to Support a Successful Transition, Do I Tell My Boss? My" Must Have" Papers

February 16, 2016 Learning Tools: Reducing Clutter for Reading; Learning Tools Add-ons for Microsoft OneNote

February 9, 2016 Writing Resources: Using Sticky Notes for Writing and Speech Recognition as AT for Writing, All MN EL Videos now posted

February 2, 2016 iOS 9 Features for Literacy Difficulties Including Dyslexia and Overview of Accessibility Features of iPads and iPods

January 26, 2016 App Feature Match: Word Prediction, Writing with the iPad and Writing Tools Continuum

January 19, 2016 Organization/Study Tools: Watch Know Learn, Safe Search for Kids from Google, KidsClick

January 12, 2015 Autism Spectrum Disorders Learning Path

January 5, 2016: Communication Symbols including Pic4Learning, Picto-Selector, Picture SET Database and Sclera Symbols

December 15: Training and Reviewing with Paraprofessionals lists videos: A Look at Lifting and Transferring, Conflict Resolution, Mandatory Reporting, Roles and Responsibilities of the Paraprofessionals

December 8: Picto4Me Videos including Intro, Linking Pages, Printing and Saving

December 1: Google Archived Webinars: Accessibility and Google Chrome, and Using Google Docs Presentation Tool to Construct Knowledge 

November 17: EL Resources: NEA Video Series: Best Practices for ELLs, Watch & Learn in the ELL Classroom and for MN: EL Video Resources added to Online Classroom 

November 10: Early Learning: Between the Lions, Clifford's Interactive Storybooks, Literactive, Literacy Center - Early Childhood Reading

November 3: Educational Games from National Geographic, Science News for Students and Steve Spangler Science

October 27: iTechnology Archived Webinars: iPads & Students with Significant Disabilities; iUnderstanding: Apps for Social Situations

October 20: Rhyming Dictionary from WriteExpress; Visuwords; Vozme

October 13: Power Mobility Indoor Driving Assessment Manual; Wheelchair Skills Program

October 6: Evaluation Resources: Monitoring Student Progress; Rubrics

September 29: Writing Resources: Convince Me: A Guide for Writing in the Secondary School, Expository Writing

September 22: Organization/Study Skills podcasts

September 15: Commonly Reguired Presentations

September 8: Executive Function: 101 eBook and Executive Function Activity Guide