Documentation, Training and Support

We have designed InfiniTEXT to be very intuitive and easy to use; requiring minimal training and support. Nevertheless, we have provided a number of tools to assist you as you use the application.


We have created the InfiniTEXT Version 2.0 User Guide, which outlines all of the features and functions of the application and is available for download. The User Guide also contains a handy one page Quick Reference Guide highlighting the steps for searching for, downloading and uploading content from InfiniTEXT. We have also made the Quick Reference Guide available for download as a separate document.


Training is provided through short video presentations which can be viewed online. This is a work in progress and we will add to the list of training video presentations based on the needs of our users.

Note: Because you need to be able to actually see the screen contents in the training video's they are somewhat large. Once they start to play, we encourage users to pause the playback and allow a few minutes for the content to download before resuming playback. This will minimize the stopping and starting of the video during playback.

Please contact Infinitec to discuss in-person training presentations for your team.


If you encounter problems or have questions, help is available through the helpdesk by email at:, or by calling our toll free number: 800-361-0270.

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