Student Eligibility for InfiniTEXT

Who is eligible to receive the digital texts downloaded by a subscriber from InfiniTEXT?

Eligibility is open to:

  • Students that are learning disabled and, consequently, have a reading disability;
  • Students who are visually impaired;
  • Students who have physical disabilities that prevent them from holding books or turning pages.

No matter what the disability, individuals are eligible if they have a documented certified disability that prevents them from reading standard print effectively (print-disabled).

Who can certify the student's eligibility?

It depends on the nature of the disability. If the reading disability is the result of a learning disability the most appropriate certifier might be a qualified school learning disability specialist, school psychologist, clinical psychologist, doctor of medicine or osteopathy.

In cases of blindness, visual handicap, or physical handicap, certification may be made by doctors of medicine or osteopathy, ophthalmologists, optometrists, registered nurses, therapists, professional staff of hospitals, institutions, and public or welfare agencies. In the absence of any of these certification may be made by professional librarians.

How is the Students' Eligibility Documented?

Schools are required to maintain records documenting the qualifying print related disability for all students receiving materials from the InfiniTEXT repository. The form must contain the student's information, their qualifying disability along with the information about and signature of the competent authority who is certifying the student's disability. Many schools already have forms to document this information, for those that don't, we've provided a sample form which you can use.

Where are the records of student eligibility maintained?

You do not need to submit completed Student Eligibility Certification Forms to UCP. Rather, you must maintain these records within your school system and have them available if requested.

Do students have any legal responsibility when they receive digital text from InfiniTEXT?

Yes. They must understand files received from InfiniTEXT are a special accommodation made for their use only. They cannot further distribute the digital text to anyone else. This includes informal sharing with peers or posting the files to websites or file sharing services. To do so is a copyright infringement.