Sample InfiniTEXT Policies and Procedures

The InfiniTEXT Subscriber Agreement requires participating agencies to have a written policy for students regarding the use of files downloaded from InfiniTEXT. Additionally, as schools work to integrate digital text into their methods of delivering the curriculum, policies governing student usage and internal procedures will become best-practice. Because wider use of digital text is still an emerging strategy at many schools, relevant policies and procedures are new territory for some schools.

To assist you in thinking about the particular need of your agency we are happy to provide you examples which have been share by Infinitec coalition members and InfiniTEXT subscribers.

Student Policies

Student Policies are intended to establish written guidelines for the use of digital text files for students and their parents.

Digital Text Procedures

The efficient and legal delivery and tracking of digital text to students requires a coordinated effort involving numerous individuals within the school.

Please! Will you share your policies and procedures?
We'd love to post them here for the benefit of all. We will remove references to your school/district and post them here for others. Send your policies and procedures to:

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Student Policy Examples

Sample AIM Acceptable Use Agreement

Sample InfiniTEXT Student Policy

AIM Procedure Examples

Sample Procedure for AIM