How to Join InfiniTEXT

Who may subscribe to the InfiniTEXT program?

Any K-12 school, school district or special education cooperative who is a member of one of the Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalitions is eligible to subscribe.

In addition, the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) is currently partnering with UCP through the Kansas Digital Text Project to make InfiniTEXT available to all, Districts and special education cooperatives in Kansas.

How does a school, school district or co-op become an InfiniTEXT Subscriber?

It's simple! The leadership of your agency must sign an InfiniTEXT Subscriber Agreement agreeing to the terms and conditions for participating in the program. Send or fax the agreement to UCP and we will provide access to the InfiniTEXT repository. Once we have provided access, you will see an additional option on the menu to the left. That additional option will be your access to the InfiniTEXT site.

Are subscriptions for a school year or are they for a full year?

For Infinitec Coalition Members InfiniTEXT subscriptions are linked to Infinitec Coalition membership and therefore are based on annual coalition membership dates.

For agencies in Kansas who are NOT part of the Infinitec Coalition, once established, subscriptions will remain active based on KSDE funding the Kansas Digital Text Project.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you for participate in the program. For Infinitec Coalition Members, the cost of maintaining the infrastructure required to operate the program is funded by coalition membership fees. For agencies in Kansas, the Kansas State Department of Education is providing funding for the operation of the program.

Who can have access to the online repository?

Since InfiniTEXT is intended to help schools provide students with print disabilities access to the curriculum, only school staff members named by a subscribing agency will be allowed to access the InfiniTEXT online repository. Students or parents are not allowed to use this resource.

Note that we will provide access to InfiniText for the person listed as the Primary InfiniTEXT Contact listed on your InfiniTEXT Subscriber Agreement. If you want additional members of your team to have access, you must also complete and submit a Request for Additional Authorized InfiniTEXT Users. This can be submitted with your Subscriber Agreement or anytime thereafter.

School vs. District vs. Coop Membership

We are often asked about which organization in the hierarchy of schools should subscribe to InfiniTEXT. The simple answer is that the subscribing agency is where the downloading and record-keeping will occur. If the District or Coop is a centralized place where teachers will make requests for digital text and district or coop staff will search for and download books for teachers then the district or coop may be the appropriate group to subscribe to InfiniTEXT. If that activity takes place at the school level, then we recommend that individual schools subscribe to InfiniTEXT. in addition, both the District/Coop and the schools they serve can have memberships and that is the model we see most often.