Social Sciences Overview


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On June 19, 2013, a report entitled, The Heart of the Matter, was released by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  This report indicates that the humanities and social sciences are the "heart of the matter."  It further states,

"We live in a world characterized by change—and therefore a world dependent on the humanities and social sciences. How do we understand and manage change if we have no notion of the past? How do we understand ourselves if we have no notion of a society, a culture, or a world different from the one in which we live? How do we ensure our security and competitiveness in the global community? A fully balanced curriculum—including the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences—provides opportunities for integrative thinking and imagination, for creativity and discovery, and for good citizenship. The humanities and social sciences are not merely elective, nor are they elite or elitist. They go beyond the immediate and instrumental to help us understand the past and the future. They are critical to a democratic society and they require our support."

The report identified three goals and thirteen recommendations.  To view a report brief, click here.  To view the report in full, click here.  To view a short video on this topic, click here.