RtI/MTSS Overview


RtI/MTSS (Response to Intervention/Multi-Tier System of Supports) is a problem-solving approach that includes a process of remedial interventions that generate data to guide instruction and identify students with learning disabilities that may require special education and related services.  According to a 2004 LD Roundtable, "data from an RTI process should include the following: 

1. High quality, research-based instruction and behavioral supports in general education.  
2. Scientific, research-based interventions focused specifically on individual student difficulties and delivered with appropriate intensity. 
3. Use of a collaborative approach by school staff for development, implementation, and monitoring of the intervention process. 
4. Data-based documentation reflecting continuous monitoring of student performance and progress during interventions. 
5. Documentation of parent involvement throughout the process. 
6. Documentation that the timelines described in the federal regulations §300.532-300.533 are adhered to unless extended by mutual written agreement of the child's parents and a team of qualified professionals as described in §300.540. 
7. Systematic assessment and documentation that the interventions used were implemented with fidelity."
This section includes resources to further the understanding of RtI/MTSS and approaches to implementation within schools.



National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities  ~  June 2005