Through Infinitec's PRIVATE CONTENT feature, you can integrate your agency's internally developed training videos into the Infinitec Online Classroom and the ENGAGE Online Training Administration System.









Infinitec's Private Content feature at offers Infinitec coalition member agencies the ability to post their internally developed training modules, supporting documents, external links and related quizzes in the Infinitec Online Classroom, where they will be made available privately and exclusively to that agency's staff. Depending on rules in your state for determining when learning credits may be issued, credits can be automatically issued via a printed certificate if the learner passes the associated quiz. You or Infinitec can provide a closed captioning file for your module, to support staff with hearing impairments (CC capabilities will be available soon). Once posted, your Private Content training modules are prominently displayed for your staff within the Infinitec Online Classroom. If your agency uses the ENGAGE Online Training Administration System, your Private Content training modules can be used within ENGAGE; where you can assign or recommend the modules to your staff through ENGAGE Learning Campaigns.

Staff from agencies with Private Content will see a new Resource Category automatically displayed for them when they arrive in the Online Classroom. The Resource Category bears the name of the user's agency and contains all Private Content made available by their agency. Special Education Cooperatives may also choose to share their Private Content with the school districts they support; offering co-ops a new and exciting tool for providing branded online training services to their districts. 

With Infinitec's Private Content feature, you can:

  • Stretch your staff development dollars by placing a greater emphasis on the proven cost-effectiveness of online training
  • Develop narrated PowerPoint modules (saved as video) or videos shot within your agency to use as Private Content
  • Attach supporting documents and/or links to your Private Content training modules
  • Include quizzes with your Private Content training modules to measure post-training learner knowledge
  • Have Infinitec issue learning credits for eligible Private Content training modules
  • Use your Private Content modules with Infinitec's ENGAGE Online Training Administration System - allowing you to create Learning Campaigns and integrate your Private Content modules with Infinitec's other popular Online Classroom content. 

For more information about creating and submitting your Private Content modules to Infinitec, download the Private Content Implementation Guide, which can be found above in the Download Links area. 

Do you have questions or need additional information?

Contact: Steve Clements, Program Director 
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Thanks for your interest in Private Content.


Download Links


Private Content Brochure to share with others in your agency.


Private Content Implementation guide. This document provides guidance on preparing and submitting your Private Content training modules to Infinitec.

The Private Content Submission Form (below) is used when you are ready to submit your Private Content request to Infinitec for processing and posting to the Online Classroom. Please be sure you have reviewed the Private Content Implementation Guide, which provides details about the submission process and many other aspects of creating your Private Content.  

You may download and use either the fillable-form version of this document or the manual version that can be used by those on older version of MS-Word.

Submission Form - Fillable Form Version


Submission Form - Manual Form Version