Harassment Prevention

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Harassment of any form is unacceptable. As educators, we must be committed to the understanding that there are no circumstances where harassment can be ignored in our schools. Sexual harassment is becoming increasingly commonplace and this presentation outlines the problem and response considerations.

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Checklist for a Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Harassment from U.S. Department of Education

Information for Illinois School and School District members regarding the Illinois Workplace Transparency Act (IL WTA) of 2020: The IL WTA mandates that all employees completed Sexual Harassment Prevention Training annually starting in 2020. Infinitec is in the process of developing training videos (one for managers, one for non-managers) that will meet this requirement. The Harassment Prevention training currently available on the site does address sexual harassment, but it does so based on federal law and US Department of Education guidelines and definitions, and is less than 18 minutes in length. For these and other reasons, this Harassment Prevention training does not meet the requirements for Sexual Harassment Training as mandated by the IL WTA. We will notify members when the WTA-compliant videos are available. The new videos will meet IL WTA, US Department of Education, and federal legal requirements for Sexual Harassment Prevention training.

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