Building Capacity for AT Services through the Language of Problem-Solving

Presented by Daniel Cochrane, MA, MS, ATP

The need to move toward a capacity-building model in the provision of assistive technology services has been promoted by DeCoste and Bowser in workshops and online classes for at least five years (DeCoste, 2014). It requires building a common understanding within a school district of what assistive technology is and how we decide whether a student would benefit. We can do this by harnessing the common language of the problem-solving cycle, the core decision-making process of RtI and MTSS, instead of introducing an isolated acronym-based decision-making framework. In this webinar, UIC clinical instructor Daniel Cochrane shows how he integrated AT into the problem-solving process as a way of building capacity in his former school district, where he served as AT coordinator for thirteen years. Combining the problem-solving cycle with the Johns Hopkins University AT Cycle and an expanded version of task-demand analysis from the Illinois AT Guidance Manual (2012), Dan created a simple but powerful visual guide to the AT process that embeds key principles of best practice in AT.
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