InfiniTEXT Program Overview

The InfiniTEXT program is administered by United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago (UCP) as a subscription based program made available to the Infinitec Assistive Technology Coalitions and K-12 schools across Kansas. UCP is a non-profit corporation. The purpose of InfiniTEXT is to provide digital text to qualified K - 12 students with print disabilities.

InfiniTEXT is an online, accessible instructional materials collection comprised of user-contributed content. InfiniTEXT is also a community of educators sharing a set of common interests, needs and responsibilities:

  • We each have the responsibility and goal of providing digital text in a timely manner to those students who need that accommodation to access the general education curriculum.
  • We all need to be as efficient as possible in achieving our goal.
  • We all understand the benefits of working together and leveraging our collective efforts in meeting that goal.
  • We also understand the need to protect the copyright interests of publishers and operate this program in a manner that respects publishers.

The program is designed to leverage the text scanning activities of all subscribing organizations and be a time-saving resource for subscribing schools. Subscribers are strongly encouraged to upload their scanned digital texts to the InfiniTEXT repository; making them available to other subscribers. Subscribers may search the repository using a variety of useful search criteria and download available digital texts for use by their eligible students as an alternative to the printed book already purchased for that student.

InfiniTEXT is not an alternative to purchasing classroom materials. The program is based on the principle that both the district uploading the book and the district downloading the book to use with a student having a print disability have purchased and own a copy of the book. The InfiniTEXT Subscriber Agreement mandates that requirement and further requires that the district downloading the book for use with a student, set aside a physical copy of the book that would otherwise be using be used by the student if they could use. These requirements are intended to clearly demonstrate to all that the intention of the program is to serve children with print disabilities not to deny publishers the revenues they need to produce quality instructional materials.